At present, around 79.2% of all websites available on the Internet undergo deployment utilising PHP. In fact, the services of a PHP developer agency in London are in high demand for companies or individuals with businesses that are looking to create a more impactful presence on CMS platforms like WordPress. 

To carry out the process of deployment using PHP seamlessly, one must know about the best frameworks in use by a PHP development agency

5 Best PHP Frameworks To Carry Out Website Development 

Software frameworks are essentially tools that make it possible to develop apps and websites more quickly and efficiently. Among the many frameworks that are in use for PHP development, the best frameworks are: 

  • Laravel: 

The Laravel framework tops the PHP framework list because of the many benefits it provides users and developers. This is an open-source framework that has a built-in “Eloquent ORM” (object-relational mapping) feature to make data compatible with any kind of system. Requirements like access management are also possible as the framework houses feature for easy authentication. In addition to this, the framework still has a lot to offer a development team. 

  • Symfony: 

Belonging to the group of popular PHP development frameworks, this tool shows a high degree of flexibility. Symfony utilises the bundle and component system which essentially means that an individual can select particular PHP functions at any given time. This framework will suit a PHP development agency in London, as it restricts access to other resources. Several websites and applications like Spotify, Magento and more use the platform for deployment. 

  • CodeIgniter: 

CodeIgniter happens to be one of the lightest frameworks in existence today. In fact, the most recent version occupies only 1.2 MB. Therefore, running applications on this framework is significantly more streamlined in comparison to others. It has specific features like FeatureTestCase which make it possible to test features while writing the code. This is especially beneficial to a PHP development agency that looks to write its code from scratch. 

  • Laminas: 

Laminas Projects is similar to that of Phalcon in that it allows a PHP development agency to focus on only certain kinds of functions or individual libraries. This feature is also known as object-oriented coding. In addition to this, an agency can also look to integrate a platform easily with external libraries to make the process of development easier. However, the only downside of using this kind of framework is that it can be difficult to customise oneself to it. 

  • Phalcon: 

This is often said to be one of the fastest frameworks that developers usually use when running applications using PHP. The source code of falcon is written in C. Therefore, it differs from the usual PHP frameworks. 

It is also a lighter application as it uses an MVC architecture. The framework does not install many files and one can just add the modules they wish to use and create a development process without clutter.

Therefore, determining which framework works best with the team as a whole will contribute a great deal to the productivity of the team. It will also significantly affect the result of the development. This just shows just how important it is to find the right framework.