Boost Marketing with Google Alerts

It never ceases to amaze us, the number of new clients who have never used or even heard of Google alerts. Far too often overlooked in digital marketing campaigns, it’s one of the most amazing tools you could have at your disposal. It can be used for both online and marketing campaigns and it can give you the edge over your competitors.

What is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts are updates of Googles search results based on any kind of subject, product or service you can think of, and they get sent automatically to your inbox.

What’s the point of Google Alerts?

Quite simply to update you on your chosen subject, service, product etc.

In marketing, it can be used to great advantage such as;

  • monitoring your products and services
  • keeping up to date on a competitor or industry
  • getting the latest news on industry releases
  • And so on…

Google alerts for marketing

Google alerts can be used for both reactive and proactive marketing of your products and services. Keeping up to date with current trends or news for example can provide you with an opportunity to get first to market or anticipate demand for products and services.

For example, this example of reactive marketing highlighted an opportunity for increasing sales and improving safety at the same time. The recent BP oil spill sparked outrage at the time but it also highlighted safety issues in the workplace, with the knock on effect of thousands of companies in the oil industry supply chain reviewing their saftey procedures and checking their supplies. The safety and response product suppliers quickly realising the fact made sure their sites were optimised, emails were at the ready with offers of safety products and their PPC campaigns were tuned to address the immediate issue.

In proactive marketing, you can watch events over a course of days or even weeks. For example, a few days before an outdoor music festival you might want to keep an eye on the weather. If it’s to be hot and sunny and you sell hats or sun glasses you may want to be ready with your products to capitalise on the heatwave. If it’s to be raining, you had better stock up on umbrellas and disposable Macs. You get the gist.

There are literally millions of opportunities to be had from Google alerts and if you’ve got a success story then feel free to leave your comments below.