When it comes to PHP web development, one can afford to be picky. Given the number of PHP developers in London, a company has to prioritise finding a team of developers that can bring their project to life in the most suitable way. Therefore, for the companies that need a PHP developer in London, this list will help you make the right choice to bring a high profile project to life. 

An Overview of the Top 5 PHP Development Companies 

A good PHP development company should be able to do more than just run applications. Rather, they should also look to make the website unique and cater to certain creative needs of the client’s website as well. Therefore, the best PHP development companies at present are: 

  1. Logicsofts: 

Most famous for their digital transformation services, the PHP development team at Logicsofts focuses on adapting their processes in a manner that will best suit the needs of the company. Companies can visit the website to seamlessly book consultations and therefore, attain the resources they need to maintain the server, application and front-end database. 

The services that Logicsofts offers its clients range from core web development services to API development. Logicsofts most notable clients are Indus Capital, Frux events and others. 

  1. Human Made: 

With its main office in New York, the company has become a global enterprise offering PHP development. Human Made caters specifically to a client’s WordPress website to create a better presence on the largest CMS platform. Human Made is in contact with several high profile clients like TJ Maxx, Sony, Skype and more.  

  1. Moove Agency: 

Moove Agency has been around since 2010 and consists of a small knit team of just 10 members. However, their skills extend beyond just web development and also include web design and UX/UI design services. In addition to this, the affordable services that they offer are especially attractive to mid-size companies. 

  1. Alpha Information Systems India: 

Although Alpha Information Systems was first created in Hubli, India, the company now boasts of branches in several locations across the world. This includes London, UK. Another small group of professionals specialise in e-Commerce development, custom software development and more. They especially cater to smaller businesses that are looking to showcase their services better. 

  1. Zoocha: 

This PHP development company is present in Hertford, UK and is known to cater to a variety of clients as well. This is especially true as they offer their services to clients in the healthcare industry and government bodies alike. The team of 50 members was known to create a web application for a UK oil energy network specifically using PHP scripting. 

In fact, Zoocha was responsible for developing websites for UNICEF, British Tourist Authority and more. 

However, in addition to this, the options available to companies are vast with each PHP development company specialising in different types of services. With PHP development being an integral part of the large CMS platforms like WordPress and more, companies can only gain from hiring a professional PHP developer.