Your website is designed and developed to serve a purpose to your visitors, customers or clients. This is the reason that your website should be performing functions that cater for the needs of your users, and also be meeting their expectations

The Design and functionality of your website can be the determining factor in the success and popularity of your website and some of the principles and functional design considerations that should be taken into account when building your website are as follows:

The Users:

It’s essential that every website is designed with the human users of your website in mind. Obviously it’s impossible to cater for every single person that visits your website, because everybody is different, and has different levels of skill when using the internet. The critical outcome should be that you cater for your targeted visitors. Who are you aiming your business towards? What kind of age bracket would your average user fall into? What type of people are they? Take all of these factors into consideration.

Mistakes / Glitches:

If a section of your website isn’t working, don’t expect your visitors to keep trying. Many web surfers will be impatient, and if there are other businesses out there, they’ll simply leave your website and hit the next available link on Google. Ironing out errors is vital, and keeping an eye on it over time is just as essential. Sometimes things can go wrong further down the road. The same goes for mistakes in spelling and grammar for example. If you’re website is littered with spelling mistakes, this will make you look unprofessional and can turn many potential customers away.


It’s important that your website is as interactive with your users as possible. Add content and features that will keep your visitors interested. Use eye catching contact forms for example, and sub consciously people will be more inspired to fill it out. Make sure all interactive sections of your website are easy to use too. If a user encounters something difficult or slow to use, they won’t give you a chance, they are likely to just leave your website completely.


How clear the information provided is not only of huge importance to your visitors, and how easily they grasp your content, but it’s also vital for search engine optimisation and being ranked highly on major search engines such as Google. Make sure all of your content is straight to the point, and clear. If your visitor find the information they need within the first 2 minutes of being on your website, the chances are they’ll stay there.

All of the above factors are essential when developing and designing your website. Zeus Creative follow these important guidelines by working closely with customers and clients. If you would like any further information on this subject, feel free to contact us.