Of course there are plenty of mistakes to be made when designing a website but there are a few that must be avoided like the plague.

Now, these days most websites are designed with search engine optimisation in mind and because of this it is important for the coding and layout to conform to the regulations that the search engine bots provide. The menus and interlinks have to be appropriate with regards to positioning especially on the home page.

The home page is usually the landing page so this needs to be intriguing and very well designed graphically. It needs to encourage new customers to stay on the site for as long as possible. A clear, welcoming site is always handy and the titles to the menus must accurately reflect the content of the web page. This will all help your search engine marketing greatly and is key to getting noticed within the major engines.

A very common mistake that search engines have become very strict about is irrelevant, uninformative and spam like content or copy. Copy that is poorly written is of no use and a lot of the time it is well worth hiring a professional copywriter to add fresh content. Links are also very important and it is not worth frustrating potential customers by directing them to irrelevant pages on your site.

It is ridiculous how many people don’t tag their images. Search engine robots can read text but not images so tagging images with relevant keywords is key for optimisation. Picture descriptions are also key.

If you are selling products then choose a shopping cart system which is very simple to use as, at the end of the day, you need them to be able to purchase your products as quickly and as easily as possible. Also make it simple for your customers to change their mind. This may sound strange but you need to stay on their side so keep options to opt out all over the place. Finally, choose a payment provider that offers plenty of alternative methods of payment including credit cards, charge cards and Paypal.

Keep the above on mind when designing a site and your search engine optimisation campaign will be a success.